All designed for you, with step-by-step instructions on how to add your own content. 

Test drive it for 30 days on your domain, and start getting leads.  No credit card required, until day 30.

Get your professionally designed website

Designed to send you leads

Impressive, yet affordable

Easy to update yourself

Just 4 simple steps and your new website could be live in just a few days!

Problem: You know you need a good website so you can promote your business and generate more enquiries. But you don't have thousands to spend on it, and no time nor the know-how to build it yourself.

Solution: Create your own with one our stylish Instant Tradie Website designs on your own domain name.  We host it and keep it secure, and help you add your content and launch it to the world.

A website is the main tool for bringing in new business

But to work well and generate leads, it must . . .

Be easily found online when people search

Convince prospects that you are the best choice

Make it super easy for them to contact you

Display properly on any computer, tablet or phone

electricians responsive website design

INTRODUCING: Instant Tradie Websites

Just four simple steps, and your new website will be live and working hard to bring in enquiries.

Step 1

Step 1

Order your new website below.  As soon as you've placed your order using our secure software, you'll be automatically taken to Step 2 where you can choose your favourite design.

Step 2

Step 2

Choose a website design from the range of beautiful templates we’ve created for different trades. They are very easy to customise. More designs being added to the range every month.

Step 3

Step 3

Make it your own. We show you how to replace and add photos and inspiring text. We upload your logo and add your contact and license details and lead generating form.

Step 4

Step 4

We‘ll transfer it to your domain name, host it and submit it to Google for indexing. We’ll also give you training in where and how to promote it so you start driving traffic to your new site.

Easy to update

Even the most technically challenged person will find it easy to edit one of our Instant Tradie Websites. No coding or website experience needed. You receive step by step training in how to edit it, and add blogs, images, text, video, and social media whenever you want to. There are no limits to what you can do.

Flexible to extend

Your new site gives you the flexibility to add even more functionality as you need it. Your new site starts with 6 pages and a blogpost area, and you can add as many more as you wish. When it’s time to add special functions like downloads, bookings, online payment handling or integration with your favourite app - we can make it happen.

10 Essential Inclusions With Your Instant Tradie Website

  1. Two design options for each trade - choose your favourite
  2. Six essential pages and a blog area to create articles
  3. Enquiry forms and clickable phone number
  4. Easy to add your logo, images and text
  5. Responsive design which looks good on computers, tablets or phones
  6. SEO ready to add keywords to help you get found online
  7. Step-by-step training and tips on creating and adding content,  and promoting it to the world.
  8. Analytics tracking so you can see website visitor statistics
  9. Site mapped to your business domain name – eg:
  10. Secure hosting, fast loading, daily backups, security scanning, monthly performance reports

"We have run a house renovation business for over 20 years and have always known we needed a website for customers to view our work, but being a typical builder I resisted this for years. Not knowing where to start, what to include and how much it would cost, this was always something we were going to do soon! And now we have. Our new website is a wonderful, helpful tool for customers who are beginning their renovation journey. We can now direct potential customers to a site that is both professional and helpful.”

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

"These guys have done such a fantastic job. We had a pathetic website and our new one is awesome. We've gone from one lead a month to one a day. So basically, Annette, I just wanted to say thank you, five stars. (There's no option for six stars.) Thank you so much from all of our team because this is the busiest we have ever been. We went from invoicing $40,000 one month, to invoicing $225,000 this month - more than a 500% increase, and there's no doubt our new website and marketing has helped achieve this.”

Kendrick Myers

Kendrick Myers

Website help if you need it

If you decide you need help - like your content written for you, or help with editing and adding content - no problem we’ll get that sorted. We offer additional low-priced services to help you out when you haven’t the time or confidence to do it yourself.

Marketing services if you need them

Once the website is live, it’s important that your ideal customers find it! We provide ongoing tips and training in the most effective marketing  you can do.  And if you're too busy - no problem - we have a range of “done for you” marketing packages to help get your ideal customers to find your site and make an enquiry.