Your new website that has everything you need and more

Your Instant Tradie Website contains what you need to get started with showcasing your trade business in a professional way.  It will help you generate enquiries so you can keep yourself and your team busy for weeks ahead.  Here’s what's included:

Once off setup investment

Only $475 plus GST
  • A beautiful six -page website, featuring the exact layout and images from the template you choose
  • A fully responsive website which means it will look perfect on a large computer monitor or a tiny phone screen
  • Lead forms to encourage people to contact you – sent to your email
  • Clickable phone number so they can call you direct when viewing the site from their mobile phone
  • Step by step video instructions showing you how easy it is to add your own words and images to every section on every page
  • A blog section (and training) to add fresh content to showcase your expertise, and to keep it fresh for Google indexing
  • Training videos on how to prepare your own photos so they’re the right size, and how to upload them to where you want them to be
  • Training videos on how to add SEO information to every page so it can be indexed by Google
  • Team support - we will add your logo, contact and licensing details and insert links to your business social media pages
  • Team support - we will map your site to your domain name and launch it for you when it's ready
  • Team support - we'll setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console for you, submit your site to Google to be indexed, and show you how to use these great tools to track website activity

Monthly hosting and website care investment

$90 /month plus GST
  • Hosting on our secure, premium, fast hosting service
  • SSL certificate so that people can see it’s a safe, secure site
  • We take care of all software updates every month, including WordPress core, theme and plugins, so your site is safe from hackers
  • We do manual website checks after updates to ensure nothing is broken
  • We create a full website backup daily and store it on a separate server. So if security is compromised, or you make changes and the site for some reason doesn’t look right, we can restore it back to how it was yesterday
  • Daily security monitoring to ensure it’s not being attacked by malware or hackers
  • Daily uptime monitoring to ensure it stays live. We receive alerts if it goes down for any reason, even if it’s only for a minute
  • Monthly performance scan to ensure it’s still loading quickly on computers and mobile phones
  • You receive a Website Performance Report every month to show you how it’s been performing
  • You will get email Support from our team if you need further explanation about how to do something on your site
  • You'll receive access to our exclusive Tradie Success group for ongoing marketing help and support

*If you don’t yet have a domain name, don’t worry, as licensed domain sellers, we can help you register one cheaply.

What happens after your new website is live?

Once it’s launched, you’ll need to start promoting it, so the right people find it.  There are many ways you can do this, and we’ll provide you with lots of help.  You’ll be invited to our exclusive Tradie Success marketing webinars where we’ll show you a whole host of ways to market and grow your business, including:

  • How to claim and optimise your free Google My Business listing
  • How to add your business details to business directories and why you should
  • How to setup up and use a Facebook Business Page effectively
  • How to get reviews and referrals, week after week
  • Why videos are one of the best promotional tools of all, and what kind of videos to create
  • How to setup a youtube channel and add videos
  • How to setup your Linkedin profile and use it effectively
  • How to use email marketing properly to followup enquiries and keep your business top of mind
  • What SEO is and why it’s important
  • How to deliver fantastic customer service that people rave about

… and a whole lot more.

Our goal is to ensure that you are equipped to build yourself a successful and profitable trade business.  A business that your mum will be proud of. A business that your customers rave about.  A business that gives you and your family the lifestyle that you deserve.