Work with someone you can trust

When you engage someone to help you with your business – you want assurance that they know what they’re doing, have integrity and a solid track record. You only want to work with someone you can trust.

A healthy successful future for tradies is our “why”

Tradies - you are the backbone of our small business community and economy. We need you. We need to rely on you to fix our problems and make our lives easier and better.

At Commonsense Marketing we've been helping honest, ethical, hard-working trade business owners to build successful businesses for many years. (The type of business that your mum would be proud of!)

We do this by ensuring you have the marketing assets, systems and support you need to provide a healthy income for your families and your team members' families, right up to the day when you decide to hang up the tools.

Why we created Tradie Instant Websites

We’ve been building websites and providing marketing services for all sizes and types of companies – including many trade businesses, for many years. Our custom-built websites cost several thousand dollars, because everything is done for you, including bespoke design, all content preparation, SEO, and integration with email systems, social media and other apps.

However, we understand that not every trade business can afford this. So to give every trade business a chance at success, we spent 12 months designing an easy to use, affordable “Do It Yourself” lead generating website system, just for tradies. You will need to do a bit of work, however rest assured we show you exactly how to do that work, and help you manage and grow your site, so you’re never left out on your own.

About our team

I’ve been in marketing for more than 35 years, and am privileged to have been working with our wonderful website and marketing services team for 12 years. We’ve worked with tiny start-ups to large multinational companies, in a variety of service, retail and manufacturing and construction industries. Yes, most of us have the right tertiary quals and all of us keep learning and updating our knowledge and skill levels.

But what really matters is that we have the knowledge to give the right marketing advice, the technical skills to implement correctly and efficiently, and the driving passion to ensure you get results. When you work with us, you get far more than just web designers.

Annette Welsford Marketing Consultant


Strategy, mentoring, content, client care



Technical and project management


Pee Jay

Technical development and website care

Elena Mai


Website updates and seo campaigns


Online tracking management



Project management, client care



Content, seo and social media campaigns



Digital and print graphic design



Video and audio



SEO strategy and management