Get Mentored and Stay on Track

mentoringWhen you're faced with a myriad of confusing choices on what to do, many people feel overwhelmed.  You're not alone!  Most business owners feel this way about marketing.  There's so many so called "experts" that provide conflicting advice - most of it totally wrong.

Our mentoring clients place high value in having someone (they can trust) to talk to.  Someone to answer all their questions, put them on the right track, keep them motivated and focused.

How Does Marketing Mentoring Work?

Easy.  For a low monthly fee I become your marketing mentor, coach and advisor.  We work through our proven process together to ensure  that you

  • carve out the best niche for your business
  • nail exactly who the best target market for you is
  • stand out from your competitors
  • have an effective multi channel lead generation system in place
  • have a professional follow up and sales conversion process in place
  • recognise and act on opportunities which come your way
  • keep your customers loyal up-sell and cross-sell so they buy more from you
  • delight your customers so they promote your business for you
  • have a well structured website and online marketing strategy in place
  • measure your marketing properly so you can measure your return on investment
  • learn what you need to know to be effective at Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, PPC advertising, SEO and more
  • know about the best tools to help you measure, manage and grow your business
  • stay on track and motivated to grow your business in a manageable and sustainable way

Andrew Gray"When I first approached you, my website was an embarrassment, my marketing was an inconsistent mess and worst of all I was throwing money down the google drain and had no idea. Now the website no only looks great but it actually works and we are getting enquires, our bounce rate has dropped from 87% down to 38%, my branding is consistent and looks awesome. Now with the monthly newsletters and social media work we are getting a lot more repeat business. The last newsletter that went out generated over $5000 in sales. Not bad for a simple email! With your help Annette, we have been monitoring our enquiries and where our leads have been coming from, so we could shut off the google drain pipe and get it back under control. Your advice is sound and straight to the point, I have achieved more with you in past 5 months, than I have over the 2 years I was paying big dollars to a business coach who promised the world but sadly totally under delivered. Thankyou Annette for helping my company to achieve so many things in such a short period of time!"
Andrew Gray - Need An Electrician, Sydney

What Do You Receive?

  1. A double length coaching session where we work on your goals and develop your marketing plan
  2. Two one-on-one personal sessions with me every two weeks
  3. A detailed action plan emailed to you at the end of each session so you know exactly what needs to be done each week
  4. A motivator to keep you focused and accountable
  5. Detailed marketing training without having to spend 4 + years at Uni
  6. A Senior Marketing Manager working on your specific business needs and issues for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone.
  7. 15% discount off our Done For You Marketing services including web design, graphic design, social media marketing, copywriting and more
  8. Access to our closed Facebook Group where you can join in on conversations, ask questions and be part of our marketing community
  9. Access to our Marketing Resource library for you and your team

What Does it Cost?

Only $495 per month or get two free sessions if you pay $4995 for 12 months up front.

Whats Your Commitment?

There's no fixed contract - you can cancel when you feel you're on the right track, or keep going if you enjoy having an independent mentor, marketing expert and motivator to help you.  Some of my clients have been with me for years, because they value having an expert marketer on their team for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full time.

What is required of you is passion, commitment and motivation.

How Do You Get Started?

Simply click either button below to get started.  Upon receipt of payment you'll receive an email to setup your first session, along with access to some of our valuable marketing resources to help you get started.

Mentoring Month by Month
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Get 2 months Free
Annual Payment of $4995



"Annette has remarkable knowledge and technical skills in online marketing and coaching as well as being able to help people clarify their thoughts and ideas and implement. She is truly an outstanding person with a wide range of business skills. I would highly recommend Annette Welsford to any company who is looking for marketing and business expertise."

Andrew Grant, Director, Our Internet Secrets


kerry fitzgibbon"I felt so privileged to meet Annette Welsford after hearing so much about her from some of the top internet marketers in Australia. These marketers raved about Annette’s ability to take action; in fact she taught some of these top marketers the tricks of the trade when it came to online and offline marketing for businesses.  So when I was presented with a marketing project which was beyond my ability I thought of Annette and contacted her to help out. I was not disappointed, she came up with a fantastic marketing proposal for my client within a really tight deadline. Basically overnight!  I have no hesitation in recommending Annette to any business that wants to get ahead and grow through CommonSense Marketing!" 

Kerry Fitzgibbon  - Social Media Strategist and Trainer, Online Marketing Consultant, Speaker

Mike Rhodes"Annette gets it!

Always ready to go above & beyond, she truly gets the concept of serving a client. A vital part of so many businesses previously it's great to see goal after goal being kicked at Commonsense Marketing. If you get the chance to work with Annette - jump at it!"

Mike Rhodes - Google AdWords evangelist, speaker, strategist, author & owner of WebSavvy